Someone once said to me that I have the gift of goddess Ritambhara when it comes to speaking. I don't know how true this is, but over the last many years, I have found great success as an orator on different forums.

I was awarded Chaitraban Puraskaar ( चैत्रबन पुरस्कार ) in 2000.

I was awarded Best Orator Award in the name of P. B. Bhave ( पु. भा. भावे ) in 2002.

Since 1995 I am performing a show called Gappashtak ( गप्पाष्टक ). To date, I have performed 1530 shows all over the world in 15 countries outside of India.

I may mention here with a bit of pride, that once in Minneapolis, UA, my entire programme ‘Gappashtak’ was given an
on popular demand and I happily performed the entire 2-1/2 hour show once again on the spot, but this time with a different content ! Perhaps this has happened for the first time in the history of one-man shows !